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LifeStream 2020 -an online fundraising event

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About the Event

Be a Part of Making a Change

The Pregnancy Care Center invites you to join us for Life Stream, a live-streaming fundraising event to support the life-saving and life-changing work. On October 1st at 7:00pm, we’ll be streaming a video here on this page about the work we’ve been up to, insight into real client stories, and how you can champion this effort. Check your inbox or follow us on Facebook (@pcctn) for updates and announcements.

Why Give?

You are one of 125+ families who faithfully and regularly give to The Pregnancy Care Center. It is the monthly support that allows us to budget and plan for future growth. The ongoing support during this time has enabled us to continue paying our staff, not fall behind in our expenses, and focus our energy on creative ways to continue ministering to our community in the fight for LIFE. We believe that we are uniquely blessed with such a loyal partnership with our community, and we realize that not every organization or pregnancy center experiences this. You are not just our donors, you are our family. You are the fuel behind this ministry in offering compassionate hope, help, and the love of Christ to every person who calls, visits our website, or enters our building.

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Who we are

Peer counseling

An unexpected pregnancy has the ability to turn a life upside-down, whether she is a high-schooler or a mom with a few kids already. We offer a grace-filled opportunity to discuss the situation and help guide decisions toward life-affirming goals.


Pregnancy Services

All our services are free to the client, including the pregnancy tests which are typically the first contact we’ll have with a client. We also offer ultrasounds on a limited basis.


Family Services

We continue to support the family even after a baby is born with parenting classes and materials from our “store.” These are donated from the community and include clothes, diapers, wipes, formula, and many other needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do we watch the event?

On the day of the event, Oct 1 at 7pm(CST), come back to this page:https://pregnancycarecentertn.com/lifestream. The page will refresh with a live-streaming video that will automatically play.

How do we give?

There is a donation form available below. There you can choose to give a one time gift or a recurring donation. To do both, simply donate with your one time gift first, then come back to this page and request a recurring.

What if I already give monthly and want to increase?

First of all, thank you for your ongoing support. If you didn’t create an online account through our e-giving service, it’ll be just as easy to send us a message with your name and amount. Choose “Donate” on this contact form:

Can I invite friends?

Sure! Especially your contacts that have the same heart for life-saving ministry that you do. You can simply use this website or use our Facebook Event:


What if I have problems or questions?

Feel free to send us a message anytime. We’ll be monitoring the messages before and during the event to assist in anyway you can. 

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