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When Sarah found out she was pregnant, she felt unsure about parenthood. She decided to take the abortion pill.  Almost immediately, she regretted it.

But was it too late? She wondered, can the abortion pill be reversed?

The effects of the abortion pill may be reversed in some cases, with about a 64-68 percent success rate.

How Does Abortion Pill Reversal Work

If a woman changes her mind within the first few hours of taking the pill, a doctor may be able to  administer injections or prescribe pills of the hormone progesterone.

This hormone, which is blocked by the abortion pill mifepristone, is necessary to support the blood supply to the baby in the uterus.  By giving patients progesterone, doctors may be able to reverse the effects of the abortion pill by sending oxygen and nutrients back to the baby.

Progesterone injections or pills typically need to be administered within 24 hours of taking the first abortion pill. However, according to Abortion Pill Rescue Network, there have been successful reversals when treatment started within 72 hours of taking the first abortion pill. However, this procedure is not yet FDA-approved.

The progesterone must also be administered before taking the second abortion pill, misoprostol, to be effective.

Is Abortion Pill Reversal Safe?

Progesterone injections have been used safely for decades to help regulate menstrual cycles and hormone imbalances. They are also sometimes used in pregnancy to prevent preterm labor. All of these other uses for progesterone injections are widely accepted as safe in the medical community.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, ”Progesterone, used in the reversal process, has been safely used in pregnancy for more than 50 years. Initial studies show that the birth defect rate in babies born after the APR is less than or equal to the rate in the general population. Neither mifepristone or progesterone is associated with birth defects.” (However if you take misoprostol, the second part of the abortion pill, and the abortion fails, there is a chance for birth defects. Exposure to misoprostol has been associated with a small number of malformations.) 

According to the Cleveland Clinic, you should make sure to talk to your doctor about any other medications, drugs, or herbs you may be taking, as there is a chance they may interact negatively with the injection. 

What Now?

If you, like Sarah, have recently taken the abortion pill and want to reverse it, don’t wait to take action. Call this hotline at 1-877-558-0333 to connect with a nurse who can help you find treatment in your area..

If you are considering taking the abortion pill but are unsure if it’s the right choice for you, please contact our center to talk to one of our knowledgeable staff. Your conversation will be entirely confidential and judgment-free at no cost. We are here to help you find the best outcome for your unplanned pregnancy.

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