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If you feel that  you aren’t ready to be a mother, you might be considering abortion, but could adoption be right for you? 

Doing your research is the best way to make a confident decision that you won’t regret. 

What Would an Adoption Look Like for Me?

Adoption can be an empowering option, the first step is to connect with an adoption agency.

According to American Adoptions, “You do not need to be 100 percent committed to adoption before moving to the next step of the process; your decision does not become final until the legal process takes place after your baby is born.”

An adoption agency can answer your questions and help you make an adoption plan. 

Your adoption plan will give you control over what happens to both you and your baby, including your birth plan and when the baby will go to the adoptive parents. You will get to choose the adoptive family and how much contact you want with them in the future.

In many cases you will also receive financial aid for medical costs associated with prenatal and postpartum care. If you choose adoption, there may also be financial help with housing, maternity clothes, food, and more available to you. 

What Would Adoption Look Like for My Baby?

If you choose to place your baby with adoptive parents, they will not go into the foster care system but rather straight to the adopting family. 

Most adoption agencies undergo rigorous background checks and screenings of adoptive families before placing children.

Many of society’s most successful people were raised by adoptive parents, including Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, Babe Ruth, Nancy Reagan, and many more. 

What Is My Next Step?

Before you decide, it will be helpful to confirm your pregnancy and find out how far along you are. 

We offer free pregnancy testing and ultrasound referrals. We can share information about abortion procedures and risks as well as parenting and adoption. Call us today for a confidential appointment! 

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