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If you’re considering abortion and wondering if it can make your preexisting mental health conditions worse—the answer is yes. 

A study looking into the mental health effects of abortion has concluded that “at least some women do have significant mental health issues that are caused, triggered, aggravated, or complicated by their abortion experience.” 

Additionally, the following risk factors make you more likely to experience adverse mental health outcomes:

  • History of prior mental illness
  • Feeling at all pressured into the abortion

Before choosing abortion, it’s critical to learn all you can to protect your mental health and ensure you’re making your own educated pregnancy decision. 

This article will highlight the essentials you need to consider before making a decision about how to proceed. If you want to talk to someone in person about your options or learn about free resources that are here to help, contact Pregnancy Care Center* to schedule a confidential appointment. 

*Pregnancy Care Center does not perform or refer for abortion.

How Do I Know What Pregnancy Option Is Right for Me?

Abortion is just one pregnancy option. Your other choices include parenting and adoption. 

While only you can decide which pregnancy option is best, learning all you can about each option can help you figure it out.

At Pregnancy Care Center, we offer free, medically accurate informational appointments, where we walk through your pregnancy options and give you the space to ask questions in a safe, nonjudgmental environment. 

Asking yourself the following questions can also provide a good starting place to understand what pregnancy option you’re leaning toward and why:

  • What pregnancy option am I considering the most? Why? 
  • Do I feel pressured into one decision over another? 
  • Am I leaning toward this option due to financial or situational constraints?
  • Would I still make the same pregnancy decision if things were different (I had more money, a healthy relationship, etc.)? Why or why not?
  • What questions do I still have about abortion? Adoption? Parenting?
  • How might I feel if I were to choose abortion? Adoption? Parenting? 
  • Do my beliefs/morals go against any of these options?

You’re Not Alone in This

Navigating your pregnancy options can feel overwhelming, but you’re not alone in this. At Pregnancy Care Center, we’re here for you.

We offer free pregnancy resources, information, and support to give you what you need to make an informed decision. Contact us today to schedule your confidential appointment. 

*We offer accurate information about all your pregnancy options; however, we do not offer or refer for abortion services. The information presented on this website is intended for general education purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional and/or medical advice.